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At Heartlands, we are a full service inbound marketing agency that focuses on increasing growth and decreasing churn by creating automated marketing loops that build loyalty and sales. With over 8 years of experience, our founders have developed an integrated system to help businesses educate, engage and convert, all at the click of a button.

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The Not-So-Great Strategy
Mr William owns a beauty product company with ten salespeople. He is not very savvy with marketing, so his sales process currently involves handing his salespeople a lists of leads which they spend all day doing "cold calls" to uninterested prospect.

His salespeople are frequently frustrated that the quality of the leads are terrible, and sales have been plummeting ever since. 

There are 2 main reasons why this is happening, they are calling people who 

A) are not interested in their products & services and;
B) belong in the wrong target audience.
The Effective Way To Go
Mrs Lee on the other hand, has a similar-sized company, but instead of taking Mr William's traditional outbound marketing approach, she’s created a marketing funnel that helps her three salespeople close more sales with less effort.

Mrs Lee started by building a series of attention-grabbing digital content that are related to the landing pages on her website. Potential customers can engage with her content (e.g. blog posts, infographics, videos) and learn more about her company and its services without a cold call from a salesperson.

When these potential buyers become interested enough in her products, they request an online demonstration by filling out the form on her landing pages. These requests are routed directly to her sales team, who generally achieve a higher closing rates as these customers have a greater understanding of the company's offerings. Mrs Lee's company closes more sales, with fewer salespeople and lesser time spent on cold calling.
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